Bounty Battle - Animated trailer

Dark Screen Games

Heroes from famous indie games fight in Bounty Battle, a SmashBros-like video game, available on all platforms. We produced the fully hand-drawn animated trailer in very close collaboration with final client Dark Screen Games.

Dark Screen Games
Werlen Meyer
Vincent Gibaud
Adhesive Wombat
The animated trailer

Bounty Battle is the ultimate indie fighting game: a new 2D fighter, where you can pit your favorite Indie heroes against one another! Indie heroes from games like Guacamelee! Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, Owlboy & more battle it out in this fighter frenzy. Bounty Battle features over 25 fighters from over 20 different Indie games! Each fighter comes with their own Minion companion and unique abilities. Battle across levels inspired from the fighters’ native game worlds with up to 3 other players.

The project

All heroes were re-designed to match the art direction of the game and the hand-drawn animation constraints, while respecting their original look.

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