La Maison des femmes

The « Maison des Femmes » (Women’s House) is a unique care center for women in trouble or suffering from violence. They asked us to craft two films that could be seen an educational tool.

La Maison des femmes
Camille Sallan
Les films du périscope
Werlen Meyer
What care pathway for the management of circumcised women?

We had the honor of being entrusted with the animation of two films about the care of excised women. We are happy to take part in the discussion at our very humble level on such an important topic.


In this film we explain to patients the process of the clitoris reconstruction surgery. For this very serious subject we needed to create a poetic and soft mood to reassure women who want to know more about this surgery. Therefore Camille Sallan made the choice of pastel colors and funny characters. In this post you can see concept arts, character designs and before-and-after frames.

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