For the launch of Richard Mille’s new 2023 collection – the RM 07-01 coloured ceramics. We were consulted to create three animated films celebrating summer nostalgia. Exclusive footage from those films can be seen in a digital experience on Richard Mille’s website. If you feel a little nostalgic as the summer break ends, try diving into these movies for a while.

Werlen Meyer
Camille Sallan
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Along with our long time partner Richard Mille, for the launch of their 07-01 coloured ceramics collection, we created an experimental 3D project with a distinctive 2D painted look.

The watches collection takes its inspiration in Memphis Design, the 1980s Italian art and architecture movement. We thus created a variety of patterns, objects and architectural shapes inspired from it. We also looked at Hiroshi Nagai and David Hockney among other inspiration to create this project’s singular style.

The mood is the one of a slow summer that we wish never ended. Whether it showcases a long walk on the beach or a milkshake on a California rooftop overlooking the sunset, this film collection is an ode to the sweet & sour feeling we can sometimes get at the end of the summer.

We are proud of the technical achievement as this project was a full technical R&D experiment in which we created 3D maps of each environment. Then we animated every scene with motion capture and hand painted over them. Finally, we framed and edited the scenes almost as a live shooting.

These films also exist in a digital experience where the viewer can have his own journey through the 3 environments and moods.

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