Yona - Le film

While working besides directors Gautier Alfirevic and Kevin Rose, we have been super happy to dedicate time and ressources as 2D animation partners on the Yona movie they were producing within the Suparesidence program, at Supamonks studios.

Gautier Alfirevic / Kevin Rose
Supamonks studios
Partner on 2D animation
Werlen Meyer
The movie

"After an expedition that went wrong, Chester Cornell, American Captain of the Union finds himself deeply wounded. As he is about to die, an unexpected encounter will make him face his fears and doubts".

Directed by Gautier Alfirevic & Kevin Rose as part of the SupaResidency Program created by Supamonks Studio.

All rights reserved. It is forbidden to broadcast, reproduce this video in whole or in part without the explicit permission of the authors.
© Gautier Alfirevic & Kevin Rose, 2019

Partner on 2D

Werlen Meyer brought its 2D skills to the production of this mainly 3D movie that blends different techniques to attain a gorgeous result.

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